Blaze EZ ver.1.2 upgrade

2015-06-19 08:35

Blaze EZ V1.2 adds the Color reader application. Once the upgrade is performed, you will find this application in the Home menu.

Download the upgrade from the following link:

To upgrade your Blaze EZ, please follow these steps:
1) Extract the upgrade file and find 2 files with a .bin extension.
2) Copy the two files to an SD card and insert the SD card in to the Blaze EZ.
3) Connect the AC adapter. If you try to upgrade without connecting the AC adapter, the Blaze EZ will notify you that the AC adapter is not connected, and will cancel the upgrade process.
4) From the Home Menu, use the Left or Right arrow to navigate to “Utilities” and press “Select”.
5) Use the Up or Down arrow to navigate to "Upgrade" and press "Select".
6) You are prompted to choose how you wish to upgrade. Use the Left or Right arrow to navigate to Offline and press "Select".
7) The unit announces, "Start System update", and the update begins installing. Once the upgrade begins installing, please do not press any keys on the Blaze EZ or disconnect it from the AC adapter.
8) When the installation is complete, Blaze EZ announces that the upgrade was successful, and reboots to the Home menu.