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HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview 4 - Sense Chat, Google Search, Convert Units of Measure

2013-03-18 20:11

A Whole New way to experience your world!

HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview

Preview#4 Sense Chat, Google Search, Convert Units of Measure. Boosting functionality!

Sense Chat

"Chat and Share your life with Sense Notetaker"

Have you ever envied your sighted colleagues the ability to send notes back and forth during a meeting? Do you wish you could easily send messages to a blind colleague at work? Are you a Deaf-Blind person or a blind person who has frequent occasion to communicate with the Deaf-Blind?

Text Ballons

Sense Chat is an application designed to facilitate face-to-face communication between blind people or Deaf-Blind people via Bluetooth connectivity between 2 Sense Notetakers.

Main features:

-Save and recall conversations.
-Receive vibration alerts when you get a message from the other person.


Google Search

"No muss, No fuss, Any more!"

Along with the addition of the many new features we've previewed, we've also added many enhancements to existing applications as well as programming to address major problems.

Google logo

One of the most inconvenient issues has been the inability to access the Google website to do a simple search. As Google access via the Web Browser continues to be problematic, we've created an app for that. Use our new Google Search app to quickly type a search term and get a list of results. As with Youtube, no ads, no muss, no fuss. Use Google Search along with our new Quick Browser to find and open the page you're looking for in seconds.

Main features:

-Type your search term, and press "Enter" to get a list of results.
-Results are displayed without advertisement.

Convert Units of Measure

"Convert your measurement values on your Sense Notetaker"

Our advanced scientific calculator has become even more powerful and convenient with the addition of the "Convert Unit" function.
Are you visiting another country that uses a different measuring system? Do you need to convert measurements for a recipe? Use the "Convert Unit" function to choose your current unit and conversion unit, and type in the original measurement for an instant conversion result.

Main features:

-Supported measurements include Distance, Area, Mass, Volume, and Temperature.

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*Some features are not available on all models due to hardware limitations

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