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HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview 5 - Twitter Enhancements, File Sharing, Font type, color and style

2013-03-25 15:48

A Whole New way to experience your world!

HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview

Preview#5 Twitter Enhancements, File Sharing and Font type, color and style. Innovation and Impronement!

Along with the many new innovations in V8.0, we've also made improvements to our existing programming!


Twitter Improvement

Since we introduced our Twitter program in V6.0 in 2011, it has become one of the easiest and most convenient tools for the blind to access this popular social network. Get instant updates from and stay connected with your friends, your favorite celebrities or organizations, and the world.

Twitter logo

Now with new Features:

-View "List" timeline and "List" users.

-View and set the "Favorites" timeline.

-Enhancements to display of personal information and tweet search.


Share files over your Network

You've been able to access files and folders over a network since 2011, but now you can share folders from your HIMS Notetaker on your network, so that you may access them from other devices.

File Sharing lcon

Main features:

-Share your Notetaker folders over a network.
-Set local security for Notetaker folders. 

Set Font for DOC files

With V8.0, you can give your documents a more professional look with font type, color, and style options.

Font size icon

Main features:

-Choose from 84 font types and 141 color options.

-Apply bold, underline, or Italics.

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*Some features are not available on all models due to hardware limitations

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