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Official Release of US English V8.0 for HIMS notetakers

2013-04-24 13:40

Official Release of English Version 8.0 for HIMS notetakers!

Improve your life with Sense Notetakers!

HIMS is proud and pleased to announce the release of US English version 8.0 today. With each upgrade we've released, we have taken a step forward. Now, with V8.0 we make a giant leap.

*V8.0 main features:

Work & Education

Excel Viewer, Full screen view in Word processor, File sharing in Work/Home group, Conversion of weight & measures in Calculator, Supporting Epson printers

Internet Service

Drop box, RSS reader, Quick browser, You-tube, Google search


Sense Chat


Refashioned intuitive Menu structure, List Timeline in Twitter, Pitch control and reading Tag information in Media & Daisy player

*For more details, please follow the link below

Download Release note

In the past weeks, we released a series of previews of v8.0 which sparked the interest and curiosity of many current and potential customers. We deeply appreciate your interest, anticipation and valuable comments from all around the world.

*To download US English Version 8.0, please visit us at or visit our US office at

*Other language versions are scheduled to be released in regular succession beginning next month. For details, please contact your nearest regional dealer or contact us at

*User feedback is the most important key for further improvement. If you have any comment or questions, please feel free to contact us at or For North American User, please email at or call 512-837-2000.

Read preview of Version 8.0 newsletter series

Intro- Soon-to-be-released! HIMS Notetaker NEW Firmware V8.0
Preview1- Dropbox, RSS Reader

Preview2 - Excel Viewer, Full Screen View, Epson Printer Support

Preview3 - YouTube, Quick Browser

Preview4 - Sense Chat, Google Search, Convert Units of Measure

Preview5 - Twitter Enhancements, File Sharing, Font type, color and style

*Some features are not available on all models due to hardware limitations