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HIMS notetaker compatible with Index Braille V4 Embosser

2013-10-30 14:40
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Banner: New Combination. HIMS Notetaker compatible with Index Braille v4 embosser. A easy way to get Braille printout

HIMS Sense notetaker now compatible with Index Braille embosser!

HIMS and Index Braille, two leading manufacturers of assistive technology products for the blind and visually impaired have joined forces to ensure that blind consumers can have their Braille any way they want it.

Due to high customer demand, HIMS and Index Braille have worked together to develop compatibility between the HIMS Braille Sense and Voice Sense product family with the latest firmware version 8.0 and the popular Index V4.0 embosser line.

How to connect?

Simply connect the HIMS notetaker with V8.0 and Index Braille Embosser via the USB cable included in either the HIMS notetaker or Index Braille Embosser package, and easily and conveniently create hard copy Braille of your recipes, addresses, presentation notes, or any material you wish.

Combine a HIMS notetaker and an Index Braille Embosser for the ultimate setup for conveniently creating and producing quality Braille material.

* Note: Please be sure the latest build of the free V8.0 firmware is installed on your HIMS notetaker before attempting to connect your HIMS notetaker and Index Braille embosser. If you require assistance installing V8.0 on your HIMS notetaker, please contact the dealer from which you purchased the product, or contact us

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