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Introduce the Braille Sense U2 MINI!

2013-11-06 08:51

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Banner: Banner: New! Braille Sense U2 MINI Revlutionizing the notetaker-Again! Braille Sense U2 MINI. A powerhouse in the palm of your hand!


HIMS is proud to announce the release of the Braille Sense U2 MINI, our next generation 18 cell notetaker!

In 2012, HIMS revolutionized the notetaker with the introduction of our Braille Sense U2, offering power and speed never before seen in a notetaker. In January of 2013, we redefined it once again by offering software features previously inaccessible to the notetaker such as YouTube and Dropbox.

Once again, HIMS offers the blind and visually impaired a product that expands the definition of the notetaker with the release of the new Braille Sense U2 MINI.

The Braille Sense U2 MINI is the successor to our much loved Braille Sense OnHand. But, while the look and feel is similar to the OnHand, what's inside is all new.

Loaded with all the software features of U2 firmware V8.0

Take advantage of all the features of firmware V8.0 including YouTube, Excel Viewer and full screen view which could not be supported on the Braille Sense OnHand due to hardware limitations. And of course, the Braille Sense U2 MINI would not be a true HIMS notetaker without the essential productivity applications such as our feature-rich Word Processor, Schedule Manager, E-mail, our ultra fast Quick Browser and all the other programs and features our Braille Sense U2 and U2 QWERTY users are currently enjoying.

Compact and Power-packed

Braille Sense U2 MINI features robust hardware including 1 GHZ Mobile CPU and 32 GB storage as well as the same cutting-edge software suite as our prized Braille Sense U2. Weighing just 0.94 lb (472g) and with a length of only 6.7" (172mm), you can easily carry the Braille Sense U2 MINI in a purse or jacket pocket.

Improved running time! Long lasting battery

With a 9 hour battery life, you can use your Braille Sense U2 MINI all day without worrying about charging. Use the included extra battery and external charger to ensure your notetaker will keep running, even with heavy usage.

For more details on the exciting enhancements and improvements in the U2 MINI, please see the release note.

Download Braille Sense U2 MINI release note

For more information on the new Braille Sense U2 MINI, contact your nearest HIMS dealer or contact HIMS International's Sales Department


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