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Introducing Braille Sense Version 8.2

2014-06-16 10:01

Banner: Introducing Braille Sense notetaker Version 8.2: Even more innovation to enrich your daily life!

Do you wish someone would make your life easier?
Are you a professional who deals with sensitive information or who needs access to presentations in Braille?
Do you Facebook?

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these, you’ll be thrilled with our upcoming 8.2 software for the Braille Sense notetakers.

HIMS is excited that our Braille Sense is now the first notetaker to include a Facebook client! The braille Sense is also the first notetaker in a very long time to support creating and running macros. That’s right; you can program your Braille Sense to do it all for you.

Create a macro that will open a set of programs and documents for you each morning when you get to work. Or, use a macro to auto-insert a document template for forms you fill out every day.

Need to send e-mails to a large group often? Create a Macro to automatically open a new message and insert all the recipients.

8.2 also includes support for viewing and navigating PowerPoint presentations, and the ability to password protect your Braille Sense.

And that’s not all; other features include:

Open a second word processor for more efficient switching between two documents without saving or loading.

Record a DAISY book using the Media Player, and insert headings, pages, phrases, and marks.

Import and Export CSV in the Database Manager.

Set alarms using your favorite song or radio station.

And for QWERTY users, QWERTY keyboard implementation for use as a Braille display with Android phones and tablets.

The Help files have also been updated, not only to include the new features of 8.2, but they now include installation instructions for connecting Braille sense as a Braille display for various screen readers including Android and iOS.

To download release note, please follow below link:

Download Release note

For a demo of some of the main features, download a special podcast introducing Braille Sense 8.2 from the following link:

Download Podcast