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Voice Sense version 1.1 was released

2007-12-13 09:27

Voice Sense version 1.1 was released on November 30, 2007. In this version of Voice Sense, you can experience more powerful function such as;

-        Searching the file and changing the file extension is possible in File Manager

-        Navigation program is added for US version only

-        Address & Schedule Manager is synchronized with Outlook 2007

-        SSL encryption protocol is added in e-mail

-        MP4, M4A and WSM live asf file is added in audio format

-        Large XML files from and NFB is available in Daisy Player

-        FTP is supported between two units of Voice Sense

-        Daylight saving time is included in time option

-        One-hand mode is added

-        External devices such as hard disk, USB keyboard, USB hub and card reader are linked by USB

-        SDHC card is supported


For more detailed information how to download Voice Sense version 1.1, please contact our distributors in the following countries.

-        US and Canada : GW Micro, Inc. -

-        Japan : Extra Corporation -

             -     UK : The Force 10 Company Ltd. -