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Sense Navigation was released

2007-12-13 09:27

Sense Navigation was released in US on December 4, 2007. It consists of an 8GB CF card and GPS receiver which communicates with Voice Sense by Bluetooth.


Using your Voice Sense with Sense Navigation capabilities gives you the freedom to travel your  neighborhood, visit a friend over the holidays or go places you haven't visited before. With both pedestrian and vehicle route choices, you can create routes that are appropriate for walking or riding in a taxi. With the virtual mode you can explore a neighborhood before you visit. This will help you plan your trip, find the shortest or most interesting routes and locate your favorite restaurant.


Sense Navigation is available in US and Canada only at the moment. However, we will expand the region continuously so that our customers can enjoy more functionality easily. Sense Navigation will be also connected with Braille Sense soon.


If you need more information on Sense Navigation, please contact our distributor in US, GW Micro, Inc. -