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BookSense 2.0 Now Available

2010-01-14 09:32

BookSense 2.0 Now Available (US & UK version only, Other languages will be posted up later)
The upgrade files are available on website of dealer for each country or please send an email for request upgrade files.
Please follow instructions to upgrade your BookSense.

Changes in the BookSense Firmware from 1.1 dated August 11, 2009 to 2.0 dated December 16, 2009

++ General Changes and Enhancements

 1. Help mode. The help system was completely redone and is now far easier to understand. The help mode can be toggled on or off by pressing the menu key for more than 2 seconds. When help mode is on, each time you press any button of the BookSense, the name of the button is spoken along with its function.
 2. System messages. Many messages and prompts were changed so they can be understood better.
 3. File information. Changed the way the BookSense speaks the time information when you press the number 0 while a file or book is playing. Extra zeros are no longer spoken.
 4. Move to specific item. you can now move to a specific file or folder item while browsing the file list by pressing the number 8 key. When this key is pressed, the BookSense prompts you for a number of the item to move to.
 5. Deleting an item. The button used for deleting a file or folder has been moved from the number 8 to a long press of the number 3. The BookSense will still prompt you if you are sure you want to delete the item.
 6. Write protected cards. The BookSense used to act like it deleted an item even if the card was write protected. Now it speaks a message telling you that the card is write protected if you try to record or delete an item.
 7. Undo and redo. you can now undo or redo the last action. The BookSense will remember the last 3 positions and you can move to the previous or next position up to 3 times by a long press of the left or right arrow keys. The items remembered are; Daisy Player: Phrase, Paragraph, Heading, Page, Mark, Level, and Time. Media Player: Time, Percent, Mark, and Section (Audible books). Document Reader: Page, Paragraph, Heading, Line, Sentence, Mark, and Percent.
 8. Back up and restore. you can now Backup and Restore the BookSense settings under the "Advanced" menu.
 9. Not saving your position. Added the ability to not store the last position of the file or book when you close it. If you press the Cancel button for more than 2 seconds, the BookSense will prompt you if you want to close the file without saving your position. if you press the OK button, you are confirming that you want to close the book or file without saving your position. If you press Cancel, the file or book will still close, but your position will be saved as if you had pressed the Cancel key without holding it for more than 2 seconds.
 10. Sleep timer enhancement. You can now set the sleep timer by pressing the number 4 button for more than 2 seconds. When pressed, the BookSense will prompt you for a sleep timer value from 0 to 90 minutes. A value of 0 disables the sleep timer. After the sleep timer has been set, pressing the number 4 button again will prompt you for a new sleep timer value, and it will also display how many minutes are left.
 11. Preview recorded files. You can now preview the files located in the Radio and Record folders. As you up or down arrow in these folders, the first 5 seconds of the file is played. You can press the number 0 to interrupt the preview and listen to the file name. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in the Recording Settings dialog. The file types supported for previewing are MP3, WAV, and 3GP.
 12. Edit box enhancement. you can now clear the contents of an edit box by pressing the Cancel button for more than 2 seconds. Edit boxes are found in prompts such as the sleep timer box and the set time and date box.
 13. time interval enhancement. The number 9 button is no longer used to select the time interval to move within a file. Instead, the time interval setting has been moved to the Up and Down arrow choices. When you choose time interval, you can use the left and right arrows to select an interval to move by in the audio file or book. Once a time interval has been selected, press the Down arrow so the BookSense says, "Time" and then the left and right arrow will move by that interval. The selection of the time interval used to be done by the number 9 button, but it's now used to rotor between the 3 types of marks. Refer to the Mark section for details.
 14. time interval enhancement. Changed the time interval settings to be the same in both the Media and DAISY players. The increments are now 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour. The time interval settings are selected by choosing "Time Interval" while playing audio content, and then using the left or right arrows.
 15. Volume adjustment. Changed the maximum volume so it's slightly lower. The default volume level is now 16. Also adjusted the different volume level increments so they are more evenly spaced. This does not affect the lower volume on some audio compared to the TTs volume.
 16. Pausing a file or book. The word "Pause" is no longer spoken by the TTS when you pause a file or book. The only time this is spoken now is when you pause a recording.
 17. Playback speed. Increased the maximum audio file playback speed to +5 instead of +4. This applies to audio content in the Media and DAISY players.
 18. USB memory fix. Fixed the problem where Cruiser USB sticks which emulate a CDROM drive were not recognized.
 19. SD card fix. Fixed problems where some 32GB SDHC cards were not recognized.
 20. Power on and off enhancement. Fixed timing problems when you would turn the BookSense on or off while connecting or disconnecting it from the PC.

++ Media Player Specifics

 1. Playlists. You can now delete a playlist from the playlist dialog by pressing the number 3 for more than 2 seconds.
 2. New folder. Added a new folder called "Movies" which is accessible by the Media Player. This folder can be used to store movie audio files in. Its behavior is the same as the Audio Book enhancement. Please refer to the Audio books section for details.
 3. Audio book enhancement. Files and folders inside the "Audio Books", Podcasts, and Movies folders are now treated as one book. Please refer to the Audio Books section for further details.
 4. Music folder enhancement. Changed it so that the position of any file in the Music folder is not saved whatsoever. If you want to save the position of an audio file when closing it, you will need to put it in the "Audio Books", Podcasts, or Movies folder. In the prior firmware, the position of audio files longer than 10 minutes would automatically be saved. This is no longer the case.
 5. Mark enhancement. If you have a mark in a book or file, the "mark" movement option is present when you press the Up or Down arrows. This makes it consistent with the DAISY Player.
 6. Hot key changes. Changed around some hot keys while playing audio files. Pressing the number 7 for more than 2 seconds saves the currently playing files to your playlist. Pressing the number 8 for more than 2 seconds toggles the repeat mode. Pressing the number 9 for more than 2 seconds toggles the shuffle mode.
 7. Audio file fixes. Fixed problems with certain MP3, WMA, and OGG files which didn't play correctly or at all.
 8. Playlist fixes. Fixed playlist problems where the playlists would not play even though you saved them from the BookSense itself.

++ DAISY Player Specifics

 1. Text OR Audio DAISY PLAYBACK. Added a "DAISY playback settings" dialog to the menu. This will offer a choice on whether to play the text content or the audio content of DAISY books which offer both.
 2. Book information. When you press the number 0 while listening to a DAISY audio book, the remaining time is given in addition to the elapsed time.
 3. Detailed DAISY information. The detailed DAISY information dialog was enhanced to provide clearer information. This is accessed by pressing the number 0 for more than 2 seconds while listening to a DAISY book.
 4. NLS playback enhancement. If you play an NLS digital  book inside the NLS folder, the default left/right arrow movement is by time. The default time interval is 5 seconds.
 5. Loading DAISY books. Added improvements to some DAISY files which would take a long time to load. They should load faster now.
 6. Loading DAISY books. Now when you press the Play button on a DAISY book, you don't hear the BookSense saying the book title. This also helps in loading the book faster.
 7. Loading DAISY books. Improved the time it takes to move heading by heading with some Bookshare DAISY books.
 8. DAISY book fixes. Fixed many DAISY book errors which were reported. This includes books which didn't load correctly, which didn't keep their position saved when exiting, and where navigation didn't work as expected.
 9. Folder enhancement. Renamed the Newsline folder to NFBNewsLine so it has the proper name for the NFB Newsline service from
 10. Folder enhancement. In preparation for the up-coming RFB&D support, the BookSense will automatically create an RFB&D folder inside the DAISY folder. It will do this for a new SD card as well as the flashdisk of the BookSense XT.

++ Document Reader Specifics

 1. Recent documents list enhancement. Added the ability to delete entries from the recent documents list. When an entry is focused, press the number 3 for more than 2 seconds. This will delete the entry, not the actual file.
 2. HTML/XML document enhancement. Added the ability to move by heading when reading an html or xml document. If heading information is available, it can be chosen with the Up and Down arrows. The left and right arrows will move backward or forward by that heading level.
 3. Document movement enhancement. Moving by paragraphs and by sentences have been improved.

++ Radio Specifics

 1. Radio presets. Changed it so the radio presets are not lost if the BookSense is reset.
 2. Radio speaker fix. Fixed the problem where the radio would be muted when you turned on the BookSense after it had powered itself off from the power saving time out or from the sleep timer.

++ Recording Specifics

 1. Recording enhancement. Added a feature where the recording is automatically stopped and saved if the battery gets to 5 percent or lower.
 2. Recording enhancement. Added a safety feature where the BookSense will not let you start a new recording if the battery is too low.
 3. Recording MP3 enhancement. Fixed distortion problems with some BookSense when you would record MP3 audio in 44100, 32000 hz via the external MIC or Line-in.

++ Audio Books in the Media Player

All content in the Audio Books, Podcasts, and Movies folders will now remember your place after you close a file or folder. Time information, percentage, and marks will be relative to the file or folder you press play on. If you have a book made up of multiple audio files, it is recommended that they be placed in their own folder so you can play that folder. If you have a book or movie made up of 1 or 2 files only, it is recommended that you press Play on the individual file. If you have shuffle mode enabled, it is ignored when playing a folder like a book. However if shuffle mode is enabled, marks may not work properly.

 1. Books contained inside folders. If you have a multiple part audio book, you can copy it to its own folder and when you press the Play button on that folder, the BookSense treats it like 1 book. For example a book which is made up of 100 Mp3 files which are 5 minutes each can be copied to a folder called MyBook. The folder MyBook can be copied to the Audio Books Folder. When you press Play on the MyBook folder, it's as if it's 1 single book. If you listen to 17 minutes of the book and then press the Cancel button, your position is remembered so the next time you press the Play button on the MyBook folder, the BookSense resumes where you left off. While listening to the MyBook folder you can press the number 8 and the BookSense will prompt you for the percent in the book to move to. The percent is relative to the entire book of 100 Mp3 files. So if you type 50 to indicate 50 percent, you will be placed at 50 percent of the entire book regardless of which specific MP3 file it is in. Any marks which are added to this book will honor the entire book. So if mark 1 is at 3 minutes into the book and mark 2 is at 19 minutes into the book, when you move mark by mark, you will be taken to the correct place in the book regardless of which specific MP3 file the mark is located in.
 2. Individual files. If you have an audio file which is very long such as a podcast, movie, or book, you can press the Play button on the specific audio file and the time, percent and mark information is relative to that file only. For example if the file you press the Play button on is 2 hours in length, the time information and percent is based on those 2 hours. Any marks placed in this file are only available in this file.

++ Bluetooth Specifics

 1. Bluetooth hot key. You can now toggle Bluetooth on or off by pressing the number 6 key for more than 2 seconds. If you have 1 paired headset, the BookSense will automatically connect to it if the headset is turned on. If you don't have any paired headsets, the BookSense will prompt you to scan for Bluetooth devices.
 2. Bluetooth enhancement. Changed it so that the Bluetooth list dialog closes when you remove a connection.
 3. Bluetooth fixes. Fixed problems where the BookSense would get stuck loading a DAISY book, requiring you to press the OK or Play buttons a second time while using a Bluetooth headset.

++ Mark Feature Specifics

 1. New mark type. Added a new type of mark called "Highlight Mark". There are now 3 types of marks to choose from in the Media Player, DAISY Player, and Document Reader. The highlight mark allows you to select a beginning and ending point of a section of the book or file so you can refer to it via the mark list.
 2. Mark mode hot key. Added the ability to switch between the different types of marks by pressing the number 9.
 3. Mark setting. Added a global option called "Mark Alert Settings". The choices are beep, message, or off. When set to beep, the BookSense plays a beep when it encounters a mark. When set to message, the BookSense says the mark number and type, I.E. "mark 1", "voice memo 2", or "highlight mark 3".
 4. Voice memo enhancement. Previously voice memos were only available in the Document Reader. Now they are also available in the Media and DAISY Players. In addition, the "mark info" dialog box is available in these players.
 5. Adding a mark enhancement. Each time you add a new mark by pressing the number 1, the next mark number is automatically chosen in the edit box. The first time you add a mark, the edit box has number 1 already in it. The second mark will already have the number 2 and so on.
 6. Move by mark enhancement. Now when you move to the previous mark, you don't need to press the left arrow twice quickly.