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Maestro Bocelli met Mr. Yoon who is CEO of HIMS

2010-05-10 19:08

Maestro Bocelli met Mr. Yoon who is CEO of HIMS

Maestro Andrea Bocelli who is an Italian singer met a businessman in Korea after having a performance in Korea before 6,000 persons on May 2nd.

A business man is Yang Taik Yoon who is CEO of HIMS and Maestro Bocelli wanted to meet him since he would like to tell him something.

The HIMS is a manufacturer of Braille notetaker which is used by Maestro Bocelli. He lost his sight at 12 and has been using this IT product made by HIMS since 2 years ago. He always carries this Braille notetaker and has been writing both the words and the music of songs as well as transferring e-mails and documents using it. He thanks to Mr. Yoon that “Computer technology of Korea changes my life.’ And he told that ”I put a lot of music sheet and music into my device and carry it. When I prepare an opera, I was using my Braille notetaker instead of music sheets in Braille which were disorganized.

He wrote most of music as well as ‘Per Te’ were included to album ‘Vivere’ using this Braille notetaker. Maestro Bocelli said thanks as “Recently, I am writing poem even though I haven’t announced in public. Mainly, I sing the love of nature and friends. But I think that it is impossible without this device which helps me to write poem when I get inspiration.”. “Also it helps me to communicate with 2 sons who were familiar to text or instant message.”

Maestro Bocelli also delivered missing points as user, “The speed is so high when I use it, but it would be better to have more improvements more frequently.” On this, Mr. Yoon promised that “We will put the development of Italian version first from now on.”

The HIMS has been exporting Braille notetaker for the Blinds to 16 countries since 2005. Maestro Bocelli evaluates that “It is the most comfortable device among I used before for last 10 years.” Mr. Yoon told that “We released our Braille notetaker after many trials and errors.” And he opened that “There was a time when we haven’t sold one unit even though we developed that during 2 years because we made a product by image of sighted people without real understanding of the visually impaired person.”  So he hired the visually impaired people and increase investment and then he got the satisfied product.


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