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Sense Notetaker firmware ver. 5.5 Now Available

2010-07-09 13:43
The upgrade files are available on HIMS website. You can download new firmware follow links:
*Braille Sense PLUS 5.5 Ver.
*Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY 5.5 Ver.
*Voice Sense 5.5 Ver.

Please follow instructions to upgrade your Sense.

1. Common
1) Fixed the problem the FAT was broken when more than 2G data sometimes was copied into the flashdisk.
2) Fixed the problem that file name was changed to all capital letters after copying files from PC to the Sense.
3) Added an option to select “show passwords” in the main option.
4) Add “Automatically synchronize with time server” option.

2. File Manager
1) Fixed the problem that some of zip file won’t be unzipped.
2) Fixed the problem that unzipping is canceled if you switch to other program using f2-f3 and then press f4(cancel) button.
3) Change the interface so that file name can only be changed even though file extension is not putted.
4) Change interface so that you can call menus when the focus is on the disk list.

3. Word Processor
1) Added the function to open Word 2007(DOCX)
2) Removed the "are you sure" prompt when you press backspace-dots-1-4 to delete an entire line.
3) Changed the hotkeys for changing the option so that you can switch the option with just one hotkey pressed.
    -View format character, Read only, Reading units, Reading mode
4) Fixed the problem that several document caused the lock up when opening it.
5) Fixed the problem that replace work changed to Grade 1 even the view grade is set to Grade 2(US and UK only).
6) Added the function to move by sentence.

4. Address Manager
1) Added the function to import or export address book via CSV format(Outlook address book can be shared with the Sense via CSV file format.)
2) Added the function to search address with multiple fields.

5. Schedule Manager.

1) Added the function to extend the alarm to designate 2 days before the appointment. (It was possible to designate 1 day before the appointment in the previous version.)
2) Changed the time format in the edit box to put the Alarm time(US version only).

6. E-mail
1) Added the “sent” folder to save sent e-mails.
2) Added the option to select one of none, TLS or SSL for SMTP server authentication.
3) Added the control to browse folders such as “inbox”, “sent” and “outbox”. ? Folders which were made by user will be listed below to “outbox”. 
    - “Outbox” can be used to save drafts or message while you were writing in off-line.
4) Changed the option to save e-mail on the server for each account.
5) Added an option, “Use inbox as default mailbox when starting:”. If yes, when you start e-mail program, you will be focused in the inbox, otherwise you will be focused in the mailbox where you were left before you exit the e-mail program.
6) Added an option, “Saving mail copies in Sent mailbox?” to choice whether or not you save sent e-mail into the sent mailbox.
7) Changed the hotkey from “r” to “a” when you register new account in the account manager dialog box.
8) Changed the default title so that “RE:” is added only one time even though you reply to the replied e-mail.
9) Fixed the problem that the focus moved to top of e-mail message if you switch to another program and then return to the e-mail program while you are writing e-mail or reply to message.
10) Add message “Closing mail box…” when you quit the e-mail program.

7. Bluetooth
1) Added function to print paper via Bluetooth Printer.(Especially, it is useful for the Voice Sense.)

8. Media Player
1) Enhanced the function to place marks up to 1,000 per one book.
2) Added the function to play MID, FLAC.
3) Added the dialog to set sound effects.
   - BassBoost, Surround, 3D Effect, Reverb, Echo
4) Added the function to jump the position in the audio file by typing the percentage.
   - Added the function to move by percent using Cursor routing key (example: 32th is 100/32%)
5) Added an option and the function to repeat the interval to be designated.
   - HOT-KEY: Set/End point(ENTER-P(DOTS 1-2-3-4, P), Relace point(SPACE-E(DOTS 1-5, ESC)
6) Added the Time index item(as like the BookSense)
   - 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes
7) Added to save the media volume in addition to the recording settings.
8) Fixed the problem that time information was not correct when you play the recorded file by the Sense.
9) Fixed the problem so that space + left up/down can adjust the media volume. In previous version, only space + right up/down worked correctly (Voice Sense only).
10) Changed announcement of time as like the BookSense.

9. Radio
1) Added the hotkey to control current recording in the recording dialog box.
   - Pause: A, Continue: G, Stop: S, Cancel: C
2) Change the shortcut key to “A” for “Add” button in the “Preset Manager” dialog box.

10. Web Browser.
1) Fixed the problem not to be able to move by line using up or down arrow when you meet the linefeed character in the web page.
2) Fixed the problem not to open new page when the radio or combo box is selected. ? There are many web sites that you can load new page only by selecting the radio button or item in the combo box.
3) Added the function to distinguish unvisited links from the visited links. ? the visited link shows “lnv” in Braille.
4) Added an option to indicate the default download folder in the Options dialog box.
5) Added to use cookies and an option to clear cookies in the Options dialog box.
6) Add an option “Show visited links” in the Option dialog box.
7) Change the Qwerty hotkey to INSERT-TAB for calling “Link list” dialog box.

11. Daisy Player
1) Enhanced the function to place marks up to 1,000 per one book.
2) Added the function to jump to the specific heading by typing the heading number.
   - HOT-KEY: ENTER-H (DOTS 1-2-5), CTRL-H.
3) Added the function to move through the audio daisy book by setting the time interval as follows;
   - 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour
   - HOT-KEY: Change index -> DOTS 1-2(or 4-5), CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW / Move previous(next) index -> DOTS 2-3-6(3-5-6), CTRL+ALT+LEFT(RIGHT) ARROW
4) Added the function to move by sentence, word, phonetic and character while reading the text or text+audio daisy book.
5) Added the option to switch between text and audio if you are reading the text+audio daisy book.
   - HOT-KEY: ENTER-T (DOTS 2-3-4-5), CTRL-T
6) Added the function to find context in Phrase
   -. HOT-KEY: SPACE-S (DOTS 2-3-4), ALT-S
7) Added the function to play NIMAS Contents
8) Changed announcement of time as like the BookSense
9) Changed interface so that if the voice is off, the reading is not accomplished when playing the Text daisy.

12. Utility
1) Added the function to set data and time corresponding with the time server (NTP server). 
   - When the Sense is connected to Ethernet, the data and time is synced automatically.
2) Added the function to format CF card or SD card.
   - Inserted menu in the 'Utility'
3) Added the sleep timer.
   - Inserted menu in the 'Utility'
4) Changed the voice to notify the process of upgrade(Only in the firmware using the English voice.)
5) Added message saying that the upgrade will make all settings to the factory default.(US and UK version only)
6) Removed the program, “Terminal for the screen reader” for the Voice Sense. (US version only)
7) Changed the announcement according to the “keyboard echo” when you put the digits.

13. Extra
1) Added Braille display when several hotkeys for options were pressed.
   - Voice on/off(BS-F2), Scroll voice on/off(f3-scroll-up), Braille Cursor(f4-scroll-up), sliding the mode switch(FM/MP3/Radio).
2) Changed the hotkeys using the external USB keyboard so that most of hotkeys are same as the Qwerty version.
3) Added a command to toggle to use chord(space) while editing document and typing character
   - Perkins version HOT-KEY: BACKSPACE-ENTER-C(DOTS 1-4)
4) Changed the option, “message display time” so that the option can be affected even if the voice is on. If the voice is on, “stand-by” and “ignore” will work and this way, deaf-blind can read the message correctly.
5) Fixed the printer function by changing the printer driver.
6) Fixed the USB driver so that the communication with the Screen reader can interact to both sides with displaying Braille and sending commands and characters. ? New patch installation is needed for fixing the problem.
7) Fixed the problem that the Sense can’t sync with Window 7 or Vista using the Window Mobile Center.