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Smaller but Smarter!! Launch the Braille Sense OnHand!!

2010-07-08 10:27

Smaller but Smarter!!
Launch the Braille Sense OnHand!!

Do NOT compare with existing LARGE and heavy notetaker!!
We are introducing NEW portable Braille notetaker which is much smaller but smarter and much more intelligent, Braille Sense OnHand.

The Braille Sense OnHand comes with 18 Braille cells that is the smallest(6.77"x3.54"), lightest (0.93lbs) and most fashionable portable notetaker for the visually impaired. You can carry it very easily even in one hand.

The Braille Sense OnHand with built-in GPS receiver and electronic compass for pedestrian navigation, allows you to acquire neighborhood information real-time and POI (Point Of Interest).

Also built-in wireless LAN allows you to surf the web in Wi-Fi zone. It is a portable networking device and a great way to enjoy multimedia entertainment.

Audio buttons are accessible to control the unit even in carrying case, so you do not need to take the unit out of the carrying case. For the portability, easy-accessible audio buttons, and powerful playback of the media are big features on the Braille Sense OnHand.

Tedious notetaker is OVER! The game is one of a source of pride on the Braille Sense OnHand. Shake it! Feel it! Enjoy it! A variety of games can be enjoyed by users their extra time.

Information on the Braille display can be shown on the external portable LCD (optional), for sighted people especially to communicate with deaf blind people. 

The Braille Sense OnHand minimizes the size but maximizes the Braille Sense function. It would be fantastic and just right fits your expectation. 
For more information of Braille Sense OnHand, follow here.