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Soon-to-be-released HIMS Notetaker New Firmware V8.0

2013-02-22 15:39


HIMS Notetaker

NEW Firmware V8.0 

Soon-to-be-released HIMS New 

Firmware Version 8.0 for Sense Notetaker

Do you ever wish your notetaker would do things that mainstream smartphones and tablets can do, like upload and download your documents to and from Dropbox TM ,subscribe to news and podcasts using RSS, play Gangnam Style at YouTube?

Experience things you’ve never experienced in a Notetaker before with Braille Sense and Voice Sense V8.0. Firmware!

We,HIMS, are pleased to announce our soon-to-be-released firmware, Version 8.0 for our Braille Sense and Voice Sense Notetakers.

This ground-breaking update contains 5 completely new and innovative programs, several major improvements to existing programming and bug fixes/enhancements based on customer requests.

We will issue a newsletter previewing specific features of the new firmware each week until the first official firmware release. Each newsletter will provide a sneak peak at the compelling new features of version 8.0, focusing on specific aspects of the programming in the new upgrade.

Will you be attending CSUN?

Visit us at booth 805 and get a hands-on preview of the exciting new features of the revolutionary Sense Notetaker V8.0.

Exhibition Information

28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

25th Feb - 2nd March 2013, Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, CA

HIMS Booth: 805 Douglas Pavilion