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HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview - Dropbox, RSS Reader

2013-02-25 18:57

A Whole New way to experience your world!

HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview

Preview#1 Dropbox, RSS Reader Revolutionize your internet experience with new, cutting edge 


We, HIMS, are pleased to announce upcoming new firmware, Version 8.0 for our Braille Sense and Voice Sense Notetakers. This update contains 5 new and innovative programs and several major improvements as well as fixes/enhancements based on customer requests.

We will issue a newsletter previewing the features of 8.0 each week until the first official firmware release near the end of March, 2013.

Let's begin exploring the innovative features of Sense Notetaker ver 8.0!


"Access your photos, documents, and videos wherever you are using your Notetaker”

The Cloud is everywhere. Everything accesses the Cloud, and the Cloud accesses everything. Well, thus far, everything but the Notetaker.
With Sense Notetaker V8.0, HIMS is the first to bring the Notetaker to the Cloud and the Cloud to the Notetaker.The modern Notetaker must do more than save and edit internal documents, and with our new Dropbox
TM application.
You can access and share data with your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

Application features:

Download, upload and share files.
Create folders as well as copy, move and delete files in Dropbox


RSS Reader

"Let your news come to you!"

We know your time is valuable, so don't waste it searching for news and information.
Let your HIMS Notetaker bring your news to you. Subscribe to your favorite news or blog feeds and receive real-time updates using your Braille Sense or Voice Sense.
You can also download and play your favorite podcasts of radio shows, audio books, or the guy next door who is experimenting with broadcasting.

Application features:

Import and Export OPML files. (v1.0, v1.1, v2.0)
Download and play podcasts.
Read headlines and descriptions.
Customize categories and manage feeds.

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  Intro- Soon-to-be-released! HIMS Notetaker NEW Firmware V8.0

*Some features are not available on all models due to hardware limitations


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