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HIMS celebrates 15 years anniversary

2014-01-30 11:10
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Banner: In celebration of our 15 years anniversary, HIMS promises a year of innovative creations. Don't miss the first of the many unveilings in 2014 at ATIA in Orlando, FL.

The past 15 years were just the opening act.
Now, it’s show time!.

HIMS celebrated 15 years of growth and ingenuity in a ceremony held today, January 21, at HIMS International.

HIMS promises 2014 will be a year worthy of this significant milestone, filled with inventive innovations which will revolutionize the lives of the blind and visually impaired. We will unveil the first of many developments in 2014 at ATIA in Orlando, FL.

Since HIMS was established in 1999, we have shown our leadership in the AT field by being the first to introduce innovative products such as our 4.3″ LCD video magnifier with close-up and distance magnification; our BookSense XT with Bluetooth and FM radio; and our revolutionary Braille Sense U2, bringing the power and storage capacity of a tablet to a Braille notetaker and integrating specialized applications for mainstream compatible services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Excel and DropBox.

What will we do next? Keep on the lookout for exciting announcements beginning with ATIA in Orlando, FL and continuing throughout 2014. HIMS looks forward to the next 15 years of serving the blind and visually impaired all around the world.

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