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New Handheld Magnifier LifeStyle CANDY release!

2012-09-26 20:35

Sweeten your life with 

LifeStyle CANDY P500/G500

Portable Video Magnifiers go HD! The first 5.0″ wide-screen LCD handheld video magnifier!

HIMS proudly introduced new 5” HD handheld magnifier last month. We appreciate your enthusiastic response, and apologize for keeping you in the queue long to get the products due to the backorders.

Make your choice between 2 models :

LifeStyle CANDY(P500) & LifeStyle CANDY GRIP(G500)

·       CANDY & CANDY GRIP feature a 5.0” TFT LCD wide-screen, the latest category of portable video magnifiers, and provide far clearer vibrant HD vision without any image distortion. 

·       CANDY GRIP is the first 5.0” LCD HD handheld video magnifier featuring a handle, designed as the first 3-position handle to accommodate a center-balanced grip, right-handed angle or left-handed angle. 

·       CANDY GRIP also features a unique HD Mirror View for make-up or facial grooming.

·       CANDY CANDY GRIP offer Auto-Focus with continuous zoom magnification from 1.5x(with legs 2.8x) to 22x providing users flexibility to set their optimum reading size, not limiting them to only 3 or 4 pre-set size levels as do most other brands and models. 

·       CANDY and CANDY GRIP are the only 5” LCD portable magnifiers with a center-positioned camera (directly behind the center of the screen display), which is more intuitive for users to find their reading position. 

·       The built-in 4 ½ hour rechargeable lithium battery offers the longest lasting battery use time in its class. CANDY weighs 265g, and CANDY GRIP weighs 280g, the lightest models in the 5” LCD portable category.  

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