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Sense Notetaker firmware ver. 6.0 Now Available

1970-01-01 00:00

The upgrade files are available on HIMS website. You can download new firmware follow links:
*Braille Sense PLUS 6.0 (US Ver.)
*Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY 6.0 (US Ver.)
*Braille Sense OnHand 6.0 (US Ver.)
*Voice Sense 6.0 (US Ver.)
*Voice Sense QWERTY 6.0 (US Ver.)

Please follow instructions to upgrade your Sense.

New Features

1. General
- Adds the ability to Input/Search for Control Characters.
 Adds a function to delete all system files on reboot.
 Removes the message, “Are you sure?” when deleting a line.
 Adds UEBC Braille rules and an option to switch between US Braille and UEBC Braille in the Global Options.
 Adds an “Abbreviations on/off option in Global Options to control the way groups of letters are pronounced by the speech Synthesizer(TTS).
Adds 3 new items to the Main Menu: Extras (x), Social Networking (c), and Programs (p).

2. File Manager
- Adds support for sharing files over a  Local Area Network: browse files on a remote PC and open them as you would on a drive connected to the Sense Notetaker.

3. Word Processor
- Adds the ability to read PDF files and save them as Doc or text format.
- Adds the ability to read E-pub files and save them as Doc or text format.

4. Radio
- Adds recording time information when recording live radio channel.
- Adds hotkeys for adding, deleting and modifying presets.(Add: space-i/Alt-i , Delete: space-d/Delete, Modify: space-m/Alt-m)

5. E-mail
- Adds a confirmation prompt when trying to save an e-mail address that is already saved in the address Manager.
- Adds a menu item for saving a sender’s e-mail address.

6. Social Networking
- Moves MSN Messenger to this menu, and adds Auto Sign-In capability.
- Adds new Google Talk client:  use it for text or voice chat and share files with friends. (not available for Braille Sense Classic.)
- Adds new Twitter client: share short messages or links with others, or follow others who do, via timeline.

7. Utilities
- Adds new Menu Management program: It can be used for hiding or showing programs in “Extras” and “Social Networking” menus.
- Adds support for WPA2 Network mode and AES encryption for wireless connection via wifi router.

8. Extras
- Add Sense Dice game and Sense Brain game to BSP, BSPQ, VS, and Classic models.

Changes features

1. Word Processor
- Changes the method for inserting Date and/or Time: they can now be inserted separately.
- Changes Braille display auto scroll speed increments from 1 second to half second and expands the available levels from 20 to 35.

2. Address Manager
- Changes the hot key for “Import from CSV” from “r” to “c”.

3. Web Brouser
- Changes hotkeys for “save as” from Alt-s to Ctrl-s, and “Set current home page” from Ctrl-s to Alt-s in Braille Sense PLUS Qwerty and Voice Sense Qwerty.
- Changes Braille display auto scroll speed increments from one second to half second and expands available levels from 10 to 20.

4. Utilities
- Changes the hotkey in calculator for cosine function from Enter-c to Enter-I.
- Changes the hotkey for copy to Clipboard from Enter-I to Enter-C
Changes “Variable Calculators” menu item to “Memory Functions”.

5. Extras
- Sense Bible is now provided as an optional external program.

6. Programs Menu
- Bible program is installed here when loaded.

Major bug fixes

1. File Manager
- Fixed the problem of allowing a protected file to be deleted.

2. Schedule Manager
- Fixed the problem of the time being incorrect due to time zone change after restoring data.

3. Word Processor
- Fixed several problems with Braille translation.