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New firmware release

1970-01-01 00:00

We are pleased to announce our customers that we have released new firmware versions for Braille SENSE Classic (version 5.2), Braille SENSE Plus (version 5.2) and Voice SENSE (version 1.3) on December 5, 2008. You can experience more powerful function such as:



-       Enhanced the ability to silently power on the Sense notetaker.

-       Added the hot key Enter-Dots-456 to change the LCD option.

-       Added the hot key Backspace-Dots-123 to change the One Hand mode option.

-       Added separate options for the left and right pair of scroll keys of the Braille Sense Plus.

-       Changed the behavior of the context help system (SPACE-H).


Word processor

-       Made improvements to compressed Braille reading mode.



-       Added the ability to read html-only E-mails.

-       Changed the way E-mail addresses are searched with the ENTER-L command.


Media Player

-       Added support for commercial audio books from Audible (English, UK, France, Germany)

-       Changing the speed of an audio file has been enhanced..

-       Added a new feature in media player (shuffle mode, mark function, jumping time interface, option.)


Daisy Player

-       Enhanced the speed control.

-       Supported the Daisy documents which were generated with MS Word.


Web Browser

-       Supported to the various web page.



-       Added support for wpa2 encryption for wireless networks.

-       Supported a new Backup/Restore items (Time zone and Bluetooth pair information).


For more detailed information how to download above firmwares, please contact our distributors in the following countries.

Also, English user manuals are able to download at the products information on our web site.


-  US and Canada : GW Micro, Inc. -

-  Japan : Extra Corporation -

- UK : The Force 10 Company Ltd. -

- France : VISIOLE. ?