Braille Sense U2 ver.8.0 upgrade

2015-02-12 11:37

Please download new firmware from below link.
*Upgrade file for the Braille Sense U2 (UK English Version)

 This release restores access to our Web Browser and google Talk, includes several fixes for e-mail, and adds QWERTY keyboard functionality for VoiceOver for iOS as well as other small fixes and enhancements.

WARNING!! After upgrading the notetaker firmware, all system settings are restored to their defaults. If you have made changes to the system settings, you may wish to back them up before upgrading, so you can restore them after the upgrade is complete. Please use the “Backup/Restore” option in the “Utilities” menu to back up your option settings. We also strongly advise backing up your files. Though the upgrade itself should not destroy data on the internal flash disk, users should also consider backing up their files in case unexpected problems arise during the upgrade process. Please use the File Manager to copy your data to an external storage device such as an SD card or USB drive.

1. Download the zip file containing the firmware to your PC.
2. Extract the zip file on your PC; the extracted folder should contain two files for Braille Sense U2
3. Copy the files and paste them into the root of an external storage device such as an SD card or USB thumb drive.
4. Connect the external storage device to the Sense Notetaker.
5. Connect your notetaker to AC power.
6. Open the “Utilities” menu.
7. Press “U” again for “Upgrade Firmware”.
8. When prompted, “Upgrade Online?” press “Space-4” (Down arrow) to move to “Offline”, and press “Enter”.
9. The notetaker checks for new firmware on your external storage devices. If it finds it, you are prompted, “Are you sure you want to upgrade?” The default is “Yes”.
10. Press “Enter” to initiate the upgrade process.
11. The upgrade process begins. While the unit is upgrading, progress is displayed on the Braille display in the form of a percentage, and progress beeps are heard. Please do not press buttons or power off the unit during the upgrade process as this may result in an incomplete installation.
12. When the upgrade is complete, the unit reboots and places you in the main “Program” menu. Press “Space-V” to verify your notetaker is running firmware version 8.0 build 2/12/2014