BookSenseXT US ver. 3.0 patch upgrade

2014-09-17 09:44

***Upgrading BookSense XT************
***T50XT(White) v3.0 patch**************

Please download new firmware from next link: BookSense XT Ver.3.0 Patch Download

This software update(v3.0 patch) adds and fixes the followings:

1. Fixed problems opening and reading some PDF files.
2. Fixed problems changing EQ settings during music playback.
3. Fixed problems playing some DAISY content: Ex. “The Bourne imperative”

4. Fixed problems searching text for upper case or mixed case text.
5. Change the help message for the Time and Date key to remove IVR.
6. Changed the Help message for number 8 to add Text search capability.
7. Changed the Alarm function so that content does not auto playback after alarm duration.
8. Fixed most problems recognizing high capacity SD cards, specifically with Standard models on power on.

Please follow these instructions to upgrade your BookSense.

  1. 1. Download the zip file containing the firmware from the link above to your PC.
  2. 2. Extract the firmware file on your PC; please be sure it contains 4 files with .bin extensions.
  3. 3. Copy the 4 files from your PC and paste them into the root of your SD card.
    *Please make sure the 4 .bin files are placed in the root of the SD card.
  4. 4. Insert the SD card into the BookSense.
  5. 5. Connect the AC adaptor to the BookSense.
  6. 6. Power on the BookSense.
  7. 7. Press the MENU button and navigate to "Advanced options" using the Up or Down arrow.
  8. 8. Press the Right arrow to open the "Advanced options". You will be placed on the "Upgrade firmware" option.
  9. 9. Press the Right arrow. You will be asked "Do you want to upgrade?” Answer “Yes".
  10. 10. Press the MENU or the OK button, and the system will upgrade and reboot.

* When the upgrade is complete, please check your system information to ensure that you are running firmware 3.0.