E-bot PRO Viewer Software for Mac

2014-11-21 18:06
E-bot Viewer Software for Mac will allow you to use your Mac (OSX) computer to view and interact with images magnified using an E-bot or E-bot ADV, control the OCR functions of E-bot ADV and controlled the camera movement and other unique features of E-bot PRO.

To install the E-bot Viewer on your Mac, please download the following folder:

1. Extract the "" folder to the your Mac PAC.

2. Openthe “Mac Viewer” folder.

3. Thefolder contains two files.

- “”

- “”.

4. First,extract “” to the desktop.

5. Run“E-BOT Driver Software v1.5.0 for MAC OS X (reboot).pkg”.

6. Checkthe pop-up window and click the “Continue”.

7. Select“Install for all users of this computer” and click the “Continue”.

8. Checkthe required space on the Mac and click the “Install button”. It requires 258KBof space on your computer to install.

9. Rebootingis required to finish the installation. Please click the “ContinueInstallation”.

10. Installationbegins. It requires around 1 minute.

11. Afterfinishing Installation, please click the “Restart” to reboot your Mac.

12. Afterrebooting, please extract files from “” to thedesktop.

13. Installationis complete. Please connect E-bot ADV to Mac and run file“”