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HIMS at WFDB World Conference 2013

2013-11-04 17:51
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Banner: HIMS at WFDB World conference 2013, Explore benefits of HIMS Deaf-Blind Communication Solutions!

WFDB-the World Federation of the Deafblind- 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference will be held in the Philippines from 6th to 11th November.

HIMS International will be exhibiting our notetakers and HIMS Chat, deaf-blind iOS communicator App. If you are going to attend the WFDB World Conference 2013, please visit our booth and explore HIMS Deaf-Blind Communication Solutions.

When and Where?

● WFDB 4th General Assembly and 10th Helen Keller World Conference

● November 6th-11th, 2013

● Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines

What are HIMS Deaf-Blind Communication Solutions?

● Unique Flippable LCD

The built-in LCD on the Braille Sense U2 allows a sighted person to view the content of menus or text in documents for face-to-face communication in the viewer's orientation. A portable USB LCD is also available for Braille Sense U2/U2 QWERTY and Braille Sense U2 MINI.

● HIMS Chat iOS Application

HIMS Chat is an intuitive communication application for iPhone, iPod and iPad to facilitate face-to-face conversation between a sighted/ hearing person and a Deaf-Blind person using a HIMS notetaker and Braille display.

● Sense Chat Application

Connect two Sense notetakers via Bluetooth and chat back and forth. This is particularly useful for two Deaf-Blind Braille Sense users to communicate face-to-face.

● Built-in Vibration Motor

The Deaf-Blind user is alerted to messages, prompts, alarms and incoming chats in a manner accessible without hearing or sight.

● VGA Output

Connect a VGA monitor for a sighted person to view the notetaker's output on a full-sized visual display.

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