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2014-02-06 18:26

Banner: New products - E-bot and Candy 4

As we indicated in our last newsletter, 2014 promises to be a year of innovation from HIMS. We begin with 2 new products for low vision users which broaden our low vision product line and redefine the concept of a transportable magnifier.

Read below for details on our CANDY 4 LCD HD handheld video magnifier and our E-bot line of transportable magnifiers.

Smaller and Smarter!

CANDY4 - Handheld magnifier with HD LCD

The new CANDY 4 features an exceptionally clear image on a 4.3 high definition display. It is a light weight, easy-to-use portable magnifier providing all that you expect for on-the-go magnification of restaurant menus, items in a grocery store, or important documents. With 4 user-definable color modes, you are sure to view the image in whatever way is best for you.
Use the ergonomic handle to comfortably hold Candy 4 for semi-distant viewing of signs or objects on a shelf, or the included reading stand for reading or writing documents.

Shipping March 2014!

Revolutionizing the Transportable Magnifier!

E-bot-transportable video magnifiers compatible with a variety of devices

E-bot is a flexible, powerful device equipped to meet your individual lifestyle and magnification needs and will change your view of the transportable video magnifier. Use as a stand-alone OCR device, magnify images on the large screen of your PC, or view images and control E-bot with your iPad or favorite Android tablet.
Featuring high-definition video output via HDMI, USB 3.0, and Wi-fi, E-bot provides a sharp, clear image of objects close up or at a distance. With an illumination sensor and automatic lighting adjustment, e-bot will always provide a clear and accurate view of a document or book in front of you or a whiteboard or presentation screen several feet away.
Eyes too tired for reading? Capture a video of a presentation for later viewing, or capture an image and let the built-in text-to-speech voices read the text aloud to you.
Connect to your PC or any monitor for powerful magnification on a large screen, or carry E-bot in your backpack with an iPad or Android tablet for OCR and magnification wherever you are.

Shipping March 2014!