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Introducing Blaze EZ Premium Option Pack

2014-07-18 09:55

Banner: Blaze EZ Premium Option Pack Enhance the power and usability of Blaze EZ!

HIMS is pleased to announce the availability of the premium option pack for the Blaze EZ.
The Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player puts everything you want in the palm of your hand, including DAISY books, media files, documents, podcasts, Web radio and FM Radio. Even better, the Blaze EZ lets you read the text of printed materials anywhere you are with its built-in camera and OCR software. The Premium Option Pack enhances the functionality of the handheld Blaze EZ, providing this pocket-sized media dynamo the power and convenience of a desktop DAISY player/OCR reader.
The Premium option pack includes an OCR stand, cradle, spare battery pack, and spare AC adapter.

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The OCR stand
The OCR stand helps you capture images of printed material more accurately, thus vastly increasing the quality of the recognition results. The OCR stand provides a guide on which to place printed materials, and a tray for the Blaze EZ which centers the camera at the correct height and position for a standard page of text.

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The cradle
Turn your portable player in to a desktop and back again simply by inserting it and removing it from the cradle.
The cradle charges both the blaze EZ and a spare battery separately or simultaneously. It also contains an audio jack for connecting External spakers.

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Spare battery and AC adapter
Keep one adapter at work and one at home, or use one with the cradle and the other with the unit itself. Use the spare battery to double your playing time on the go.

*** Note: The Premium Option Pack must be purchased separately, or in addition to the Blaze EZ. These items are not included in the basic package. Also, while each of the items in the Option Pack can be purchased individually, we highly encourage purchasing the Premium Option Pack as a whole as it is much more cost effective.

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