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New Braille SENSE Plus and SenseView Duo are coming up at CSUN 2008

2008-03-13 09:18

New Braille Sense Plus B32 and SenseView Duo are coming up at CSUN 2008

HIMS, a leading company in accessibility technology


We are pleased to announce the release of new products at CSUN 2008


Braille Sense Plus B32


Braille SENSE Plus is a new notetaker with Perkins-type keyboard and 32 Braille cells. It only weighs 924g, so you can carry it very easily. New Braille SENSE Plus is equipped with built-in wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Ethernet in order for users to access the Internet conveniently. MP3 format and line-in recording is also one of main features of new Braille SENSE Plus. You can enjoy high quality of recording and save the storage area with MP3 format.                            

SenseView Duo


 SenseView Duo is a portable magnifier for the low vision. It combines long distance camera and close-up & handwriting camera in one device. You can see chalk board away from you and textbook on the desk with SenseView Duo by switching cameras. Plus, you can store images up to 20 pcs into SenseView Duo.


Please come to our booth #241/242 at Marriott hotel and feel wonderful devices.


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