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BookSense 2.1 Now Available

2010-04-26 13:37
The upgrade files are available on HIMS website or please send an email for request upgrade files.
You can download new firmware from here.

Please follow instructions to upgrade your BookSense.

New Additions and Enhancements:
1. Support for the System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet) by Serotek was added. You can now transfer content to the BookSense using this service. Visit for details.
2. You can now transfer NFB Newsline content to the BookSense by using the latest version of the NFB Newsline in your pocket software. Visit for details.
3. Renamed the "Movies" folder in the Media Player to "Misc Audio". It still retains the same properties of the "Audio Books" folder. This means that the position of any content placed in this folder will be remembered. Also, playing a subfolder will be treated as if it was a single item.
4. You can now delete all marks of the current book or file while playing it by pressing the Number 3 for more than 2 seconds. The BookSense will prompt you if you are sure you want to delete all marks. If you press the OK button, all regular, voice memo, and highlight marks of the current file or book will be deleted.
5. You can now delete a mark from the mark info list by pressing the Number 3 for more than 2 seconds. This makes it consistent with the file browser and the play list areas.
6. If the mark alert is set to beep, different audio beep tones are played when a mark is encountered in the file or book. 1 beep for regular marks, 2 beeps for voice memos, and 3 beeps for highlight marks.
7. If you are playing a file or book and you encounter a voice memo, the BookSense will announce or beep to indicate the mark type and then the voice memo will automatically play.
8. If you are playing a DAISY book which has both text and audio, you can now toggle between text and audio playback by pressing the Number 9 for more than 2 seconds while the book is playing.
9. The left/right arrow navigation defaults to "Time" when playing any DAISY audio content such as NLS digital talking books, RFB&D AudioPlus books, and Serotek described movies.
10. The left/right arrow navigation defaults to "Time" when playing audio books or files located in the Audio Books, Misc Audio, and Podcasts folders in the media Player.
11. If you insert a large capacity SD card and the BookSense takes a few seconds to read it, progress beep tones will play while the card is read and the folders are created.
12. If the battery reaches a very low charge level, the BookSense will automatically power off.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed a problem where some mp3 files made using the default recording settings would sometimes cause the BookSense to become unstable when previewing them in the record folder.
2. Fixed navigation problems with some NLS books with hundreds of heading markers. Examples are DB65863, DB59337, and DB68510.
3. Fixed navigation problems with RFB&D books where moving by page didn't update to the current heading and then navigating by heading would throw off your position in the book.
4. Fixed problems with some documents which were converted PDF files causing the BookSense to lock up.
5. Fixed some issues where the BookSense would read gibberish after powering it on while a document was loaded from the last time it was powered off.
6. Fixed some alarm and clock issues which would cause the BookSense to lock up after using the sleep timer.
7. Fixed a problem where elapsed time and marks didn't work properly when shuffle mode was on and you played files located in the Audio Books and Podcasts folders. Now it doesn't matter if shuffle mode is on or off.
8. Fixed some problems where the RFB&D authorization was lost if you removed the uak files from the root of the SD card or flashdisk. Now you can safely remove them once the BookSense has been authorized.