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HIMS driver for TALkS&ZOOMS

2012-01-27 10:19

Now HIMS Braille products support TALKS&ZOOMS to meet customer's needs.
Anyone who uses Nokia phone that run Symbian flatform can use HIMS Braille products as Braille display with mobile screen reader, "TALKS&ZOOMS" since HIMS Braille products are compatible with TALKS&ZOOMS.

Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS is a software application for mobile handsets that converts displayed text into highly intelligible speech and/or large print on phones that run the Symbian™ S60 3rd/5th and Symbian^3 edition platform.
If you want more information about TALKS & ZOOMS, refer to below link.
If you already use TALKS&ZOOMS on your mobile phone, you can easily pair your phone with HIMS Braille products by downloading and installing the HIMS driver on the phone. To install and use HIMS driver of TALKS&ZOOMS, installation of TALKS&ZOOMS on your mobile phone is requirement.

*Available HIMS products: (1) Braille Sense U2
                                            (2) Braille Sense PLUS
                                            (3) Braille Sense OnHand 
                                            (4) Braille Sense QWERTY
                                            (5) Braille EDGE 40

*How to install the HIMS driver for TALKS&ZOOMS
(If you want to install and use HIMS driver, you have to install TLAKS&ZOOMS application on you mibile phone.)
1. Please download the HIMS driver(Braille60_3rd.sisx) from attachment on the PC. 
2. Connect Nokia phone to the PC via the cable.
3. Select "PC Suite" on the Nokia phone. 
4. On the PC, e
xecute the Braille60_3rd.sisx file which you download.
5. Install HIMS driver(Braille60_3rd.sisx) to the Nokia phone.

*How to use HIMS Braille product with TALKS&ZOOMS application.
1. Turn on the Bluetooth on the HIMS Braille products.
2. Go to the Utility and then go to the Screen reader.
3. Select Bluetooth serial mode.
4. Turn on the Bluetooth on the setting of mobile phone.
    And your mobile phone will search the device.
5. Select your HIMS Braille product named "Braille Sense XXXX" or "Braille EDGE".
6. Type the pin code both your mobile phone and HIMS Braille product.
7. Execute "TALKS" application on your mobile phone.
8. Go to the "Braille" tap and then choose "Sample Driver".
9. When mobile phone is connected to HIMS Braille product, Braille appear on Braille display of HIMS Braille product.
10. After that, you can use HIMS product as Braille display.

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