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HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview 3 - Quick Browser, YouTube

2013-03-11 14:43

A Whole New way to experience your world!

HIMS Notetaker's New Firmware Ver 8.0 Preview

Preview#3 Quick Browser, YouTube HIMS Sense 

notetakers go where no notetaker has gone before

Quick Browser

"A faster, smarter way to surf the web!"

If you enjoy having time to get a snack or start a load of laundry while you wait for your favorite website to open on your Notetaker, the Quick Browser is not for you. In fact, our new Quick Browser won't even give you enough time to get out of your chair.

This new Quick Browser opens a page 10 times faster than the original Sense Web Browser. Set the Quick Browser as your default browser, and get virtually instant loading of Google Search and RSS results.

Main features:

-The fastest Web Browser available on a Notetaker.
-Go to home, previous and next page, heading, text, link and form control.
-Get list of RSS feeds for the current web page and add them to our new RSS reader.
*Note: In order to whiz through the Web at warp speed, we had to sacrifice access to Java script.
Please continue to use the current Sense Web Browser on pages where Java script is present.


"A Notetaker playing YouTube videos? No, your eyes are not deceiving you; Yes, you did hear your screen reader correctly."

How long have you wished you could use your notetaker to listen to a live performance by your favorite band, check out "Gangnam Style" music video all your friends make fun of, or just see what all the "Harlem Shake" hype is about? Not into any of that? You can also learn to knit, disassemble a computer, or visit tourist attractions around the world.
Stop dreaming and start playing! With Braille Sense V8.0, the multibillion video clips on YouTube are just a few keystrokes away.
No ads, no links, no muss, no fuss. Type your search term in the edit box and press "Enter" to get your results. Navigate the one you want, and press "Enter" again to play.

Main features:

-Search, Top Viewed, Top Favorites, Most Viewed, Most recent, Most Discussed, Most Responded, Recently Featured.
-Sign into your YouTube account to access your own personal favorites and history

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*Some features are not available on all models due to hardware limitations


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