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A Newer, better Sense Dictionary!

2015-01-28 11:28

Banner: A Newer, better Sense Dictionary

We are happy to announce the availability of a new and improved Sense Dictionary program for the HIMS notetakers. We researched and reviewed many sources to ensure our users would have the most complete and useful dictionary data available at the same reasonable price. And we believe we have achieved this with our new Collins Dictionary resources.
Our new dictionaries feature more complete definitions and a greater number and variety of examples. They also more easily recognize plural and past forms of words and associate them with the correct root words. In addition, we are now able to offer both US and UK English dictionaries as well as the English thesaurus and bilingual dictionaries.
Our new Collins dictionaries are available for purchase beginning today.

For our current Sense Dictionary Users;We haven’t forgotten you. While retail pricing remains the same, due to the change in provider, we are not able to simply upgrade our current users, as each new Sense Dictionary requires a new license for the Collins dictionaries. But, we do want to make a special offer to you, as we know a more advanced dictionary may appeal to you also. Until march 31, existing dictionary users can purchase the new dictionaries for 50% off the retail price.
E-mail us for sample data if you wish to compare your current dictionary with the new one before purchasing the Sense Dictionary program. The licensing and purchase process remains exactly as it was before, however, users will need to run an 8.2 software patch on their notetakers to use it. All future software will support both the Oxford and Collins versions of the Sense Dictionary. Also, it should be noted that only one version can run at a time as the license keys are different.