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Blaze EZ with improved OCR and Color Reader and introducing Blaze ET

2015-06-18 13:04

HIMS is pleased to announce Blaze EZ version 1.2. and our New, Advanced Blaze model, Blaze ET.

Blaze EZ with improved OCR and Color Reader

You have patiently awaited improvements and enhancements to Blaze EZ, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Our most recent firmware for Blaze EZ focuses on improving and enhancing the use of our unique built-in camera functions.

Banner: Images of Blaze EZ with icons of Color reader, OCR, Web radio and Book Search


1. Color Reader

You can now use your Blaze EZ to ensure you are looking fashionable and fabulous with our new Color Reader application.

2. OCR Improvement

Our recent firmware has also improved scanning and reading with our included OCR application by enhancing our correction for recognition of text that is on an angle, as well as improving recognition of smaller print.

3. Web Radio

Our Blaze V1.1 patch also included enhanced Web Radio search and navigation capabilities.

4. Book Search and Download

We also now have direct Book search and download for several libraries around the world, including BookShare, CNIB in Canada, Sapie in Japan and NOTA in Denmark to name just a few. Search for and download books directly to your Blaze EZ without the need for a computer.

Introducing NEW Blaze ET

Banner: Images of Blaze ET with icons of calculator, dictionary, OCR, file management and alarm clock

And, for you power users, we have a new advanced Blaze player that is sure to please.
Our Blaze ET has all the features of EZ, but features a full numeric keypad and advanced features:

1. File Management

Zip and unzip files and cut, copy and paste files among all folders and drives connected to Blaze ET without the need for a computer.

2. New programs

Blaze ET includes a Memo, Calculator and Alarm.

3. Enhancements to existing apps

Blaze ET improves on existing programs like the Media Player by adding more advanced list navigation and options like Repeat and Shuffle and the ability to create and save playlists.

4. Batch scanning

Blaze ET allows for continuous scanning of multiple pages in the OCR program.

5. Optional dictionary

You can also purchase dictionary add-ons for Blaze ET including an English dictionary and Thesaurus as well as bilingual dictionaries in Spanish, Italian, Arabic and French.

**Special ET Promotion

In celebration of the release of our Blaze ET, purchase a Blaze ET before July 31 and receive a free dictionary.

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