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  • 2014, 01Release E-bot, CANDY4 HD at ATIA
    03Release Blaze EZ at CSUN
  • 2013, 08Listed on the Konex(Korea New Exchange) stock market
    09Release Braille Sense U2 MINI
  • 2012, 01Release Braille Sense U2 (Fourth generation)
    05Release portable Magnifier LifeStyle CANDY
  • 2011, 01HIMS International Corporate Name Change
    03Release LifeStyle HD730
  • 2010, 03Release VoiceSense QWERTY
    10Release Braille Sense OnHand
    11Establish U.S Subsidiary 500 million Export Tower Award
  • 2009, 03Release BookSense
    10Awarded Braille Sense PLUS ‘Educational Product of the Year 2009’ at
          Education for All, University of Warsaw, Poland
    11300 million Export Tower Award
  • 2008, 03Release Braille Sense PLUS (Third generation), SenseView DUO
    05Release SenseView Desktop D500
  • 2007, 03Release VoiceSense
  • 2006, 05Export Braille Sense II in Japan
    09Awarded SenseView Portable ‘Golden SILMO’ at SILMO France
  • 2005, 03Release SenseView portable Magnifier
    04Export Braille Sense II in U.S and UK
  • 2004, 06Release Braille Sense Ⅱ(Second generation)
  • 2002, 04Release Braille Sense Classic(First generation)
  • 2001, 05Established R & D Center
  • 1999, 01Established HIMS Korea