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Revolutionizing the OCR Multi-Player with OCR for Books, Music, Documents, Podcasts, Recording, DAISY and More!
The Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player is designed to keep your mind's fire burning even when you're waiting for a bus in the cold rain. With built-in OCR and text-to-speech you can sacn and read printed materials immediately, or save them for reading at your leisure.
Blaze EZ's DAISY and media support ensures endless hours of informatoin and entertainment at the touch of a button, including newspapers, books, documents, restaurant menus as well as DAISY and media content.

Check out Blaze EZ Video Tutorial
To see the video tutorials please click and follow below links in the images.

Tutorial Part1 - Quick Tour & Basic Programming

Blaze EZ Video Tutorial Part1

Tutorial Part2 - Books, Podcasts and Web Radio

Blaze EZ Video Tutorial Part2

Tutorial Part3 -How to OCR

Blaze EZ Video Tutorial Part3

Check out unboxing video
To see the unboxing videos please click and follow below links in the images.

Blaze EZ Unboxing


Stand-alone, single-button OCR capture and read
Use Blaze EZ to OCR capture a menu, magazine article, library book, and more – all at the touch of a single button. The built-in auto-focus camera ensures a high-quality image for accurate OCR and text-to-speech.

Simple, easy-to-use controls and file system
Three easy-access buttons with Braille letters “M”, “R” and “B” give quick access to Music, Radio and Books. Above that a simple, easy-to-find record button, and below it a set of navigation buttons in the shape of a cross. At the bottom right corner, is a square button with a Braille letter “O” for OCR. A single press enters OCR mode and a second press will begin the capture and read process.

Play DAISY, music and audio book files
Blaze EZ can read and play a variety of file including DAISY, TXT, BRL, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, OGG, ASF, AAC, AVI, FLAC, 3GP, MPG, M4A TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM, XML, DOC, DOCX, PDF, EPUB, FB2, PDF, and more…

Built-in Wi-Fi
Use the built-in WiFi in Blaze EZ to access online DAISY, e-books, podcasts, internet radio and more.

High-quality Recording
Record high-quality audio from internal microphone, external micrphone (not included) or stereo line-in.

12 GB internal flash memory

Enhance the Power of your Blaze EZ with the Premium Option Pack!
When a handheld device just isn’t enough: The Premium Option Pack for the Blaze EZ provides the power and convenience of a desktop player to your pocket-sized Blaze EZ.
The Premium Option Pack includes an OCR stand, a cradle, a spare battery and a spare AC Adapter.
Use the OCR stand to help you capture images of printed material more accurately, thus vastly increasing the quality of the recognition results. The OCR stand provides a guide on which to place printed materials, and a tray for the Blaze EZ which centers the camera at the correct height and position for a standard page of text.
Turn your portable player in to a desktop and back again simply by inserting it and removing it from the cradle. The cradle charges both the Blaze EZ and a spare battery separately or simultaneously. It also contains an audio jack for connecting External speakers.
Keep one adapter at work and one at home, or use one with the cradle and the other with the unit itself. Use the spare battery to double your playing time on the go.

Check out Premium Option Pack unboxing video
To see the unboxing videos please click and follow below links in the images.

Blaze EZ Premium Option Pack Unboxing




Flash memory

16 GB


1 micro USB, 1 SD slot


Bluetooth 3.0


802.11 b/g/n


DAISY and Audio CD's supported


Capture, Save and Read


Media player, Book reader, FM Radio, OCR, Voice recorder, Clock, Color Reader, etc

Online services

Web Radio, Online DAISY, Podcast

Supported formats

Daisy formats :  Daisy2.0, 2.02, XML DAISY, ANSI/NISO, Z39.86 (DAISY3.0), NIMAS1.1, NLS, Learning Ally, Bookshare.org, Serotek(samnet), Open Library 
Media formats : MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, OGG, ASF, AAC, AVI, FLAC, 3GP, MPG, M4A  
Document formats : TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM, XML, DOC, DOCX, PDF, EPUB, FB2 
Recording formats : MP3, WAV, DAISY

Optional Accessory

Premium Option Pack; OCR Stand, Cradle, Spare battery, AC Adaptor


Rechargeable and detachable Lithium Polymer battery
More than 12 hours battery life
4.5 hours charge time


116.7 x 58.9 x 16.3 mm
4.59” x 2.31” x 0.64"


138g / 0.30 lbs













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