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What is "HIMS Chat"?
HIMS Chat is an application designed to facilitate face-to-face communication between a Deaf-Blind person and a sighted person via Bluetooth connectivity between an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and a HIMS Braille Sense notetaker (Braille Sense U2, Braille Sense U2 QWERTY, Braille Sense U2 MINI) or Braille EDGE 40.


How HIMS Chat Works?
1. Download HIMS Chat for free from the Apple App Store to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
2. Connect your HIMS notetaker to your i-device as a Bluetooth Braille display using Voice Over.
3. When the notetaker is connected, execute the HIMS Chat program and choose "New Chat".
4. A greeting appears introducing the program to the sighted/ hearing person and instructs them how to begin a conversation.
5. Now the Deaf-Blind and sighted/ hearing person can type back and forth.
6. You may save conversations or use built-in or user-created macros to quickly enter a number of saved phrases.


What can I do with "HIMS Chat"?
HIMS Chat;
Facilitates face-to-face communication between a Deaf-Blind and a sighted person.
Includes built-in and user-created macros for easy entry of common phrases using just a few keystrokes.
Save conversations and read them at a later date.
Receive vibration alerts from the Braille Sense U2 when a sighted person sends a message on the iPhone.







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