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SensePlayer OCR

SensePlayer OCR is an advanced, accessible multi-media player, high quality field recorder, handheld tactile keyboard for your smart phone and tablet, and customized portable OCR device, all in a unit smaller and lighter than most modern smart phones. The sophisticated functionality and contemporary Android operating system, paired with a classical, tactile keyboard designed with the visually impaired in mind, give SensePlayer the simplicity you love without compromising on features.

Multi-media player and Book reader

Can read and play a variety of file types, including TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM, XML, DOC, DOCX, PDF, EPUB, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, OGG, ASF, AAC, AVI, FLAC, 3GP, MPG, M4A, DAISY text and audio, and more.

Smart Connect

Unique functionality that allows you to use SensePlayer as a tactile Bluetooth keyboard and remote control for your Apple or Android mobile device. You can also optionally send your Smart phone audio via Bluetooth to the SensePlayer.

High-quality Recording

Record high-quality audio from the internal stereo microphones, or a USB plug and play audio source.

Enhanced sound

The 1.5 watt specially tuned stereo speakers provide an enhanced listening experience, whether you’re reading a book, playing music, or listening to a podcast.


Use the built-in Wi-Fi to access online book search and download services, podcasts, internet radio and more.


The built-in auto-focus camera ensures a high-quality image for accurate capturing and reading of restaurant menus, magazine articles, library books, and more - all at the touch of a single button.


File Manager, Media Player, DAISY Player, Document Reader, FM Radio, OCR, Web Radio, Podcasts, Library Services, Voice Recorder, Color Reader, Memo, Calculator, Alarm, Stopwatch and Countdown Timer, and other utilities and settings.

Mobile Screen Reader & App Installer

Add and utilize your favorite multi-media streaming services, including Netflix, Spotify, Apply Music, Audible, etc.