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The third quarter newsletter from HIMS is released. 

In this newsletter, we are going to talk about the following subjects. 

(1) COVID situation in SELVAS and Korea

HIMS members are all safe by following the national regulation.

Let's check how we are holding on to this situation together. 

(2) Thanksgiving in Korea

The Chuseok holiday, commonly referred to in English as the Korean Thanksgiving, was from September 20th to 22nd in Korea.

Let's talk about what we did during the holiday  

(3) BrailleSense 6 

As you likely know, HIMS launched the very powerful BrailleSense 6. In this chapter, I would like to share brief info about our product, and what users can do with our BrailleSense 6.

(4) Expanding our presence

HIMS has launched a new platform. Let's check together what we made to support our valuable users.