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The 2022 2nd newsletter from HIMS is released. 

On this newsletter, we are going to talk about the following subjects. 

1. V1.7 for the BrailleSense 6 and MINI

We are thrilled to announce the release of software version 1.7 for the BrailleSense 6 and BrailleSense 6 MINI.

Please check what is the differences via our Podcast channel.

2. Sightcity 

Due to COVID 19, there was no live exhibition in Frankfurt this year. However, HIMS team performed an online sessions via Zoom. 

It is going to be posted on Sightcity official YouTube. :) 

3. NIA Exhibitions

Korea Government supports information technology products for blind people. 

We have exhibitions for those who want to try the products. Let's see what we did for our valuable users. 

4. Rehacare 2022

We have waited for 3 years to participate once again in person in an international exhibition. We are very excited for Rehacare 2022